Heavy-Duty Storage

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Tradelocker® & Ezi View Heavy-Duty Metal Lockers & Cabinets

Introducing the TradeLocker® series, an indispensable solution for personal storage needs in demanding industries such as mining, defence, manufacturing and other heavy industries. Specifically crafted to endure rugged environments, the TradeLocker® stands as a tried-and-true product for any heavy-duty application. Widely acknowledged as the ultimate companion for FIFO/shift workers, these lockers have become a fixture on numerous mine sites across Australia.

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Designed for practicality, the TradeLocker® features a sloping top to discourage storage above the locker, promoting a clutter-free environment. Fork pockets at the base ensure easy relocation, catering to the dynamic needs of your workspace. All these features come wrapped in a high-quality beige finish, offering a professional and durable aesthetic to complement the robust functionality of the TradeLocker® series. Elevate your storage experience with a solution that's as tough as your industry demands.