Ablution Block Solution

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Ablution Block Solution

This 20-foot modular unit features four toilet cubicles, each equipped with 50 mm insulated panels for optimal climate control and industrial-grade vinyl flooring with 100 mm coving for durability.

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The service area boasts a personal access door, a 20 mm water inlet, pressure system/water pump, hot water systems with solenoid controls, and a 2,500-liter waste tank equipped with a high-level float-activated shutoff valve.

A high-level alarm system for the waste tank ensures effective monitoring, and a 1,500-liter non-potable waste tank with a manual level gauge contributes to the unit's self-sufficiency.

With 5 LED lights, a light switch, 3 double weatherproof 10 Amp GPOs, an external weatherproof GPO, a smoke detector, distribution board, and a recessed junction box with a power inlet, the electrical setup is both comprehensive and safe.

Elevate your on-site facilities with this meticulously designed and fully equipped ablution block.