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MAXA Tool Charging Cabinets

If you’re spending time searching for misplaced tools, batteries, and chargers in your workshop, a dedicated tool charging cabinet is the solution. Perfect for workshops in the mining, defence and industrial sectors.

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This robust solution combines functionality with transparency. The clear Perspex display cabinet offers seamless visibility of contents within, allowing for quick and easy retrieval. A full-width shelf strategically divides the cabinet into two compartments, each equipped with a Dual General Power Outlet, providing a dedicated space for charging tools and devices. Ventilated panels ensure optimal airflow to electronics, maintaining their peak performance.

The bottom section of the cabinet boasts high-load capacity double drawer cabinets, offering ample space for your tools and equipment. Security is a top priority – cabinet doors and drawers are individually key lockable and pad lockable, providing you with peace of mind. The inclusion of a standard 3-pin power inlet simplifies connectivity to the mains power supply, ensuring a hassle-free charging experience.

Designed for versatility, the Heavy-Duty Tool Charging Cabinet features a sturdy frame and forklift pockets at the base, allowing for easy relocation as your workspace evolves. Elevate your tool organization and charging capabilities with this durable and secure cabinet that seamlessly balances form and function.

We have options varying from one bay to four bays.