Relocatable Building Systems & Site Solutions 

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At Tradesales, we specialise in the design, manufacture, and delivery of robust heavy-duty storage, workshop equipment, and versatile relocatable building systems, or modified sea containers. 

Discover our relocatable site solutions, ultra-specified plug-and-play modified containers that are a revolution in containerised infrastructure.  

From Hydration Stations and portable site offices to secure tool storage and beyond, our products are designed to adapt seamlessly to your evolving needs.

Benefits of Modified Portable Buildings

Mobility: Relocatable site solutions can be easily transported to different locations, allowing your operation to be flexible.  

Durability: Relocatable portable site offices, Hydration Stations, workshops and more are constructed from sturdy steel, making them resistant to harsh weather conditions and providing a secure workspace.  

Quick setup: Compared to traditional construction, relocatable portable site offices can be quickly installed, reducing downtime and enabling faster project start-up.  

Cost-effective: Utilising modified shipping containers for a workshop, crib room, accommodation unit and more is more affordable than constructing permanent structures.  

Customisation options: Our relocatable mobile workplace site solutions can be customised to meet specific requirements, such as the addition of partition walls, meeting rooms, storage areas, restrooms, generators, ice machines and other amenities.  

Expandability: Combine various relocatable buildings, like offices, crib rooms, and workshops, to create larger spaces for growing workforces and expanding operations. 

Durability and longevity: The thick steel walls are built to weather the extreme conditions found at sites across Australia. With only light maintenance, one of our relocatable buildings can last for many years, making it a long-term capital asset.  

Quick to deploy with minimal impact on operations: Tradesales modular construction can be completed quicker and more efficiently than a traditional construction project. Every sea container is constructed in a factory setting, meaning weather can’t delay the project, and any necessary on-site work can take place in tandem.

Predictable costs and precise timelines: Traditional construction projects often veer off schedule and go over budget – delaying operations and decreasing the return on investment. The planning and processes that go into our Australian portable buildings allow for predictable costs and precise timelines.  

Sustainability: Empty and abandoned permanent structures become a big environmental problem. Buildings can be demolished and debris removed, but this is expensive. Upcycling modified containers into workplace structures keeps more metal and building material waste from getting added to landfills, making them ideal portable site solutions.

Relocatable Building Site Solutions FAQs

What is a relocatable site solution?  

A relocatable site solution is a containerised piece of infrastructure for hydration, site office, tool storage and more. While others offer straightforward modified sea containers, ours are entirely plug-and-play and are built to the most stringent specifications for electrical, bunding, and welding.  

How long does it take to manufacture specialised modified sea containers?  

It varies, but generally, it takes around 45 working days to manufacture a relocatable site solution once drawings have been approved and a purchase order has been received.   

Do you only supply to the mining, defence, and construction sectors with relocatable building systems?  

Our range is ideally suited to heavy industries such as mining, defence and construction; however, we regularly receive inquiries from companies outside of these industries, and we’re always looking to see how we can fulfil our purpose of making workplaces safe, efficient and organised in new settings.  

Are your portable buildings Australian Made?  

Yes, they are designed, engineered, manufactured and commissioned in Australia.  

Do you have standard designs for your relocatable site solutions?  

Absolutely. We have a range of standard models to choose from. Likewise, we can customise these or work completely from scratch to create a solution specific to your requirements.  

Are your modified sea container solutions turnkey? 

Depending on the application and specifications, a relocatable site solution can be ready to use as soon as it’s delivered. 

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About Tradesales

What started as a modest company servicing the mining sector in WA in the 1970s. Tradesales has grown to become a world-class manufacturer of heavy-duty storage systems, workshop equipment and relocatable site solutions. 

We may have come a long way since our humble beginnings, but our purpose remains the same: to make workplaces safe, efficient, and organised. 

No matter the size of the job, it all begins with understanding you and your challenges. We ask questions, get to know your plans, and try to laugh the way.