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Tradesales warehouse shelving systems and industrial shelving units are ready for immediate delivery in Perth and Australia-wide. Whether you’re searching for robust, heavy-duty pallet racking, bunded shelving or metal shelving tailored to your workplace, our trade products provide high quality solutions to align with all your needs. Discover the strength and versatility of our industrial racking, featuring heavy-duty upright frames and adjustable shelves rated to 300kg each.

Easy to install and customise to any height, our warehouse shelving and racking are ideal for your workshop, warehouse, container, and tyre storage requirements. Maximise your storage capabilities with Tradespan – explore our warehouse racking and industrial shelving below.

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Benefits of Industrial Warehouse Shelving Systems

The right warehouse storage shelves can have enormous benefits to your business.

  • Cost Saving & Growth - Better use of space means less square footage required (or the potential to fill it with more goods).
  • Optimise Space - Maximising vertical space means reducing footprint demand.
  • Increased Safety - Product strength, reduced clutter and easy workflow improve safety conditions.
  • Better Stock Access - Picking and restocking is easier and more efficient.
  • Enhance Productivity Workflow - Better space management and access deliver greater efficiencies.
  • Store Various Goods - Versatility to stock different shapes, weights and sizes of products.
  • Durable and Strong - Engineered with sturdy, long-lasting, resilient materials such as premium steel.
  • Easy Installation - Straightforward installation and ongoing customer support.
  • Scalability - As the business grows, so too can the metal racking.
  • Australian Standards - Compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Choose Tradesales for Heavy-Duty Pallet Racks & Shelving

There are many reasons customers turn to Tradesales for their industrial rack shelving.

  • Australian-owned and operated since 1976.
  • Strong word-of-mouth repeat business.
  • Solid reputation and enduring partnerships and clients within mining, infrastructure, energy, transport, engineering, state government, local council and defence.
  • Innovators who think outside the box and always go the extra mile for our clients.
  • Make the effort to understand client challenges and provide bespoke, intelligent solutions.
  • Cost-effective solutions.
  • Leading specialists in purpose-built products.
  • Committed to maintaining the highest levels of design and engineering.
  • One-stop-shop serving as the manufacturer, appointed distributor, importer and stockist of a huge range of storage solutions, including safety storage, materials handling products and workshop equipment.

Industrial Shelving Delivery in Perth & Australia-wide

Our heavy-duty industrial shelving systems are available for next-day delivery to locations across Perth and Australia.

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FAQs About Heavy-Duty Shelving

Where to buy industrial shelving?

Businesses from industrial sectors Australia-wide depend on Tradesales shelving. We work to always do the right thing for our customers and provide the best possible solutions for them.

Does warehouse racking need to be bolted down?

Yes. We always bolt racking to a timber floor using a coach screw on each vertical column. Where racking is being installed on a cement floor, it is recommended to use anchor stud bolts. Additionally, Tradespan shelving can be secured to the inside of a relocatable site solution using a Unistrut C-Channel and a spring nut.

How often should industrial rack shelving be inspected?

We recommend conducting inspections every 12 months to assess any racking system's safety and structural integrity.

How to label heavy-duty industrial shelving racks?

We label every shelf with its relevant working load limit – 350 kg. Tradespan shelving is also delivered with safe working load safety signage, which provides information on how best to load and unload shelves including recommendations to fill from the bottom upwards.