Stillage & Pallet Cages

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Stillage & Pallet Cages

At Tradesales, we manufacture and import a large range of pallet cages and stillage cages that are available in many different variations. Our range of pallet and stillage cages includes collapsible, fixed sides and fully lockable cages. We also offer lifting and wire mesh pallet cages for cranes, as well as steel cages that are perfect for storage. No matter what type of business you operate, we are sure to have a pallet cage that suits your requirements.

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The heavy-duty construction of our pallet and stillage cages makes them ideally suited for the heavy industry and logistics companies alike. Our pallet and stillage cages provide a neat storage solution for protecting your valuable stock.

Where one of our standard models won’t do the job, we can custom build pallet cages to suit your specific needs. The steel cages we can customise for you will be designed to keep your storage needs in mind, so you can store your stock without any issues at all.

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