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Tie Down Blocks and Accessories

Concrete tie-down blocks by from Tradesales are specifically engineered to combat the harsh cyclonic conditions prevalent parts of Australia. These robust blocks are designed to resist dangerous uplift forces generated by high winds, providing stability and protection. The reinforced concrete construction ensures resilience against cyclonic conditions, and their swift lifters enable easy placement.

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Applications of Cyclone Tie-down Concrete Blocks

Also known as cyclone tie-down concrete blocks, these purpose-built blocks play a crucial role in securing various items such as relocatable site solutions, temporary housing, vehicles, and equipment. Functionally, cyclone tie-down anchors consist of dense, reinforced concrete blocks of various sizes. Placed on either side of the object to be secured, they are joined using cyclone strapping—robust ropes or chains. Despite its seemingly straightforward nature, this method is proven to effectively anchor large objects, particularly in cyclonic conditions. Installing cyclonic tie-down blocks from us is a hassle-free process, ensuring quick and reliable use.