Industrial Storage Lockers

Discover unrivalled durability and unlock efficiency with our storage solutions.

Industrial Storage Lockers

Ensure workplace security and safety with premium locker storage

Investing in high-quality storage lockers prevents accidents, theft and damage and contributes to a more organised and efficient workspace. Since 1976, Tradesales has provided heavy-duty workplaces with purpose-built, premium-quality industrial lockers.  Our products allow you to maximise your workspace and provide a secure, safe storage solution for your tools, equipment and inventory. Browse our metal storage locker range and find the best heavy-duty storage solution for your workplace.

Types of Tradesales Industrial and Warehouse Lockers

  • Component Racks
    Maximise floor space and take advantage of the great manoeuvrability features with this range of industrial racking.
  • Tradelocker® and Ezi View Lockers
    The ultimate personal storage option for workers in demanding industries and environments.
  • Workshop Lockers
    Compact, vertical one- to four-door quality lockers are ideal for storing tools, PPE equipment, and smaller workplace valuables.

Benefits of Tradesales Heavy-Duty Lockers

Heavy-duty storage lockers have multi-purpose uses and benefits, including:

  • Durability and strength
    We use high-quality materials like steel to withstand heavy and harsh environments. Our locker storage is built to last and resist significant wear and tear in the most demanding conditions.
  • Security
    Typically designed with advanced locking mechanisms to prevent tampering, reduce the risk of theft and keep tools, equipment and other valuables safe.
  • Organisation and efficiency
    Great space-saving storage with quick and easy access helps improve workflow and productivity.
  • Versatility
    Available in various sizes, heights and configurations to ensure maximum flexibility, functionality and adaptability to any workplace.
  • Safety
    Hazardous items and sharp (potentially dangerous) tools are stored safely away to reduce workplace accidents.
  • Professional aesthetics
    Great space-saving storage with quick and easy access helps improve workflow and productivity.
  • Smart investments
    When you consider the longevity of every product and the infrequent need to update or replace, these industrial storage lockers are a sound business investment.
  • Positive team morale
    Workers who have a safe tool locker to store their belongings feel respected and valued, which can boost morale and productivity in the workplace.

Workplaces that Rely on Industrial Storage Lockers

A metal storage locker offers wide-ranging applications, making it a fundamental feature across most industrial workplaces, including:

  • Warehouses
  • Workshops
  • Garages
  • Maintenance centres
  • Distribution centres

Why Tradesales for Heavy-Duty Storage Lockers

Loyal customers Australia-wide continue to rely on and return to Tradesales for their industrial and warehouse storage solutions.

✓ Excellent customer service that always goes the extra mile.
✓ Experienced, knowledgeable technical consultants available nationwide.
✓ Purpose-built locker storage.
✓ Maintain highly competitive prices and deliver excellent value.
✓ Exceptional logistics and customer support across a product’s full lifecycle.

✓ Designed and built to the highest engineering standards.
✓ Products available across Australia.
✓ Complementary products designed specifically for heavy-duty industries.
✓ Australian family-owned since 1976.

For Metal Lockers Australia-wide - Contact Tradesales

Contact our helpful customer service team for any questions about workshop storage lockers. We look forward to helping you find your business's best possible storage solution.

What Is the Lifespan of Tradesales Industrial Lockers?

Some of the biggest names in mining and defence purchased our locker storage over 15 years ago, and they’re still going strong today.

Do Tradesales Metal Storage Lockers Come Fully Assembled?

Yes - our products come fully assembled.

What Is the Warranty on Tradesales Workshop Lockers?

Presently, Tradesales provides a 12-month warranty. However, we are looking to extend this by up to five years for certain items.

Where Can I Buy a Heavy-Duty Locker?

You can purchase your preferred workplace locker with Tradesales. Simply select the product you’re after and press ‘Add to Quote’. Follow the prompts and one of our team members will be in touch with you to help answer any questions and arrange payment.

Will a Tradesales Locker Withstand Harsh Work Environments?

Tradesale lockers were built for the harshest workplace environments! From mining to military, oil and gas, and construction, our lockers will be right at home and able to withstand the toughest elements.