Heavy-Duty Storage

Discover unrivalled durability and unlock efficiency with our storage solutions.


Unlock the potential of your warehouse or industrial workspace with the right storage solutions. Ensuring the security and safety of your tools, equipment, and inventory is paramount. Investing in high-quality lockers not only prevents accidents, theft and damage but also contributes to a more organised and efficient workspace.

Improved warehouse and tool storage directly translate to enhanced team productivity. With easy access to tools and a streamlined system for locating equipment, your team can work seamlessly and boost overall productivity. Beyond operations, workplace morale is positively impacted when team members have access to proper metal storage lockers. These empower employees to appreciate available resources, fostering a sense of satisfaction and morale.

Safety is a key consideration in any workspace. Storage cabinets and lockers provide a secure and designated space for tools, reducing the risk of injuries caused by disorganized storage or tools left out. In addition, proper storage promotes employee safety by preventing accidents during tool access.

Cost-effectiveness is crucial for businesses, and investing in storage lockers offers long-term savings. Protecting inventory from theft and damage, coupled with improved inventory and tool maintenance management, ensures that the investment in storage cabinets pays off multiple times over.

In the mining, defence and manufacturing sectors, where large workforces rely on expensive tooling and equipment, the need for secure and durable storage is amplified. Inadequate storage can lead to broken or missing assets, disrupting operations and necessitating frequent locker replacements.

Our TradeLockers® address these challenges, meeting the specific criteria of durability for harsh mining environments, ample space and strength for heavy tooling, toolboxes, and PPE, with features such as sloping tops to prevent safety risks and forklift pockets for easy relocation.

These heavy-duty workshop lockers are designed to withstand the rigors of the mining industry, offering reliability, robustness, and effectiveness.

For over fifteen years, our TradeLockers® have proven to be the ultimate accessory for FIFO and shift workers, earning recognition for their reliability and continual refinement and expansion of the range to meet evolving industry needs. Elevate your workspace with TradeLockers® and experience the difference in durability and functionality that lasts the lifetime of a mine.