Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tradesales an Australian-owned company?

Yes. Tradesales is an Australian-owned company that has been in business since 1976. It was set up by Peter Judd to service heavy industries like mining and defence, and that legacy continues today.

Are your products manufactured in Australia?

Around 70 per cent of our products are manufactured in Australia at our 12,000 square metre factory. The remaining products are sourced from reliable partners in a range of countries in order to guarantee our supply chain.

Are your products designed in Australia?

Yes. All our products are designed in Australia. Conditions in Australia are unique, and therefore, we need a design team who understands how our heavy-duty storage systems, workshop equipment and relocatable site solutions will interact with them, giving our clients peace of mind that they will perform no matter how remote their location.

Does Tradesales supply across Australia?

Yes. We have offices in Perth and Melbourne with ambitions to expand. We have dedicated account managers who regularly visit every state and territory and have products in all corners of the country.

Does Tradesales supply products internationally?

Yes. A select number of our products have been shipped internationally, and we regularly engage with companies in Asia and Africa to supply specialised products to make their workplaces safe, efficient, and organised.

Is RETRA Fluid Handling Systems the same as Tradesales?

RETRA Fluid Handling Systems is owned by the same people – Ben and James Judd – that own Tradesales. The company was spun off in 2019 to create a company that specialised in fluid handling. RETRA Fluid Handling Systems carries the Real Ezy line of hose reels and the Lubestation.

Can I buy RETRA Fluid Handling Systems products through Tradesales?

Ideally, we sell RETRA Fluid Handling Systems and Tradesales products separately; however, this is reviewed on a case-by-case basis in order to ensure a smooth purchasing process for our clients.

What are your best-selling products?

Tradesales’s best-selling products are the Tradelocker, the MAXA line of heavy-duty cabinets and our heavy-duty transport cage, including the patented swing door variant.

What is a relocatable site solution?

A relocatable site solution is a containerised piece of infrastructure for hydration, site office, tool storage and more. While others offer modified sea containers, our relocatable site solutions are entirely plug-and-play and are built to the most stringent specifications for electrical, bunding, and welding.

How long does it take to manufacture a relocatable site solution?

It varies, but in general it takes around 45 working days to manufacture a relocatable site solution once drawings have been approved and a purchase order has been received.

Do you have vendor numbers already with major mining companies?

Yes. We have vendor numbers with BHP, Fortescue, Rio Tinto, Glencore, Roy Hill, Pilbara Minerals, Newmont, Newcrest, Mineral Resources, and CITIC Pacific, to name a few.

Do you only supply to the mining, defence, and construction sectors?

Our range of heavy-duty storage systems, workshop equipment and relocatable site solutions are ideally suited to heavy industries such as mining, defence and construction; however, we regularly receive inquiries from companies outside of these industries, and we’re always looking to see how we can fulfil our purpose of making workplaces safe, efficient and organised in new industries.