MAXA High-Density Cabinets

Discover unrivalled durability and unlock efficiency with our storage solutions.

MAXA High-Density Cabinets

Our MAXA cabinet series boasts a range of drawer sizes and compartments that allow for truly flexible and versatile storage. Complete with accessory partitions, dividers and plastic bins, there’s no sized tool or item (big or small) that can’t be efficiently organised.


About the MAXA Range

While the modular cabinets are sold in individual units for ease of relocation and use, they can be integrated to increase the density of the cabinets and the density of the stored items within. There are even optional mobile kits with castor wheels to further enable you to move your units around as needed.

The entire MAXA series is finished with a powder coating and made from high-grade materials so that they look as good as they function. These storage cabinets with double doors are also central key-locking for maximum security and maximum peace of mind.

And last but not least, our MAXA range is more than capable of holding up to 120 kilograms each, even when fully extended. This high load-bearing capacity and spaciousness ensure you’ll be able to store just about anything and everything you need.

In our MAXA High-Density Cabinet Series, there are three different options: K, S and C. Each cabinet offers slightly different specifications and measurements to suit different applications and needs.

On top of our MAXA range, we also stock and custom manufacture a number of fit-for-purpose cabinets for storing electrical cables, rigging, emergency response equipment.