Rigging Containers

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Rigging Containers

A rigging container is used in construction, oil and gas, and manufacturing industries for storing and transporting rigging equipment and accessories. Rigging involves lifting, moving, and securing heavy objects using various tools and equipment.

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Rigging containers are designed to store and organise rigging gear safely, including slings, chains, hooks, shackles, blocks, and lifting straps. These containers are typically constructed from durable materials such as steel or aluminium to withstand the weight and demands of the rigging equipment.

The primary purpose of a rigging container is to provide a secure and accessible storage solution for rigging equipment, ensuring that the necessary tools are readily available when needed. It helps maintain organisation and efficiency by preventing rigging gear loss, damage, or misplacement.

Rigging containers often feature compartments, hooks, racks, and dividers to facilitate proper storage and easy access to different types of rigging equipment. They may also have locking mechanisms or security features to protect valuable and sensitive items from theft or unauthorised access.

Additionally, rigging containers can be designed for mobility, with options like forklift pockets or crane lifting points to facilitate transportation around job sites or between locations.

By utilising rigging containers, companies can enhance safety, productivity, and organisation in rigging operations. A dedicated storage solution for rigging equipment promotes proper maintenance, reduces the risk of accidents, and improves overall workflow efficiency.