Tradelocker for Two People w/ Fixed Shelves and Drawer Cabinets

Two-person locker designed and built for the rigours of mining, defence, and heavy industry applications.

  • Manufactured from heavy-duty steel
  • Designed with a sloping roof to prevent items being stored insecurely on top of the cabinet
  • Forklift pockets for easy relocation
  • Heavy-duty locking system for maximum security
  • Perforated pegboard on back of doors for hanging tools – suitable for Toolmasta accessories
  • Vermin proof and highly resistant to rust
  • Rubber sealed doors to minimise the ingress of airborne dust
  • Extremely stable
  • Two individually lockable compartments make it suitable for two people
  • Two pigeonholes at the top of each compartment
  • Two three-drawer cabinets at bottom

2100 mm


1570 mm


620 mm

TRAD1800HD-AS Spec Sheet