Extreme Duty Drawer Cabinets for Shutdown Trailers and Containers

Skilfully planned and well-executed plant and worksite shutdowns for upgrades and other maintenance are essential to operate mines safely and efficiently.

Developing specialised storage systems and handling equipment that support shutdowns and ensure their success is one of our team’s specialties.


Our client was using a shutdown trailer that had been fitted out using the standard storage drawer cabinets typically found in tool stores and warehouses. Whilst great products for their intended use, unfortunately, these cabinets just don’t cut it for shutdowns.

Shutdown tooling containers are regularly shifted across remote locations onsite or from one site to another.  Standard drawer cabinets aren’t designed to be transported this frequently and quickly fall apart.

Our client was arriving for shutdowns and opening the container doors to see drawers and tooling spread around the floor – not a great sight. This was causing significant problems getting shutdowns completed on time and on budget.


The storage equipment fitted in shutdown tooling containers needs to be designed and built strong. We collaborated closely with our client to deliver extra heavy-duty drawer storage cabinets fit-for-purpose for their shutdown trailers and containers.

These cabinets were designed and fabricated in-house by our expert team.

  • Fully customisable
  • Extra heavy-duty welded steel construction
  • Designed to handle heavy tooling
  • Adjustable drawer dividers for organising tooling
  • Lockable and secure
  • ‘Boltable’ to floor or other cabinets
  • Individually latchable drawers to provide extra security during transport


These cabinets’ simple but extremely strong and durable design has proven highly capable of withstanding the bumps and beating of transport across rough mining environments.

The tooling in our client’s shutdown trailers and containers is arriving safely, securely, and organised how they need it for every shutdown.

Our range of Extreme Duty Drawer Cabinets is now being used by mining companies across Australia, ensuring shutdowns are completed successfully, on time and on budget.