TradeLockers®: Australian Mining’s Favourite Workshop Lockers

Read the story behind Australian Mining’s favourite heavy duty workshop lockers.


Behind mining projects are large workforces using lots of expensive tooling and equipment.

When the storage lockers on a project aren’t up to spec, assets get broken or go missing and operations get affected. And no workshop wants to be replacing lockers within short timeframes. 

Our clients needed secure, durable storage that would organise and protect their tools and equipment and last the lifetime of a mine.


Our mining clients were looking for heavy duty lockers that met specific criteria:

  • the durability for rough mining environments and dust sealing
  • the space, strength, and security to hold heavy tooling, toolboxes, PPE, and personal items
  • sloping tops to prevent the safety risk of storing items on top
  • forklift pockets for easy relocation
  • and lockability to prevent theft

We worked closely with our clients to design and build a heavy duty workshop locker fit for the rigours of the mining industry — the TradeLocker®


Our TradeLockers®  have fast become the ultimate accessory for FIFO & shift workers and can be found on dozens of mine sites throughout Australia.

These lockers are renowned across the industry for their reliability, robustness, and effectiveness.

Since we built our first TradeLocker® fifteen years ago, we’ve refined and expanded the range with new models and great new features.

Check out our Heavy Duty TradeLockers® here