CLC1000 Certified Lifting Cage

The CLC1000 Certified Lifting Cage is designed to move loose or palletised goods using either a forklift or crane.

The full-width gate with an opening of 1250mm, allows 1200mm square pallets to be placed inside the cage if required. Stacking feet underneath the lifting cage allows it to be stacked on top of each other 3 high when empty, 2 high when full.

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  • 4 oversize lifting points (chains not included)
  • Lift capacity (SWL) 1000kg
  • Stackable, 3 high when empty, 2 high when full
  • Front swinging door with 1250mm opening to allow for loading a timber pallet
  • Forklift tine stirrups
  • Zinc Plated Finish
  • Supplied as a flatpack kit
  • Unit weight: 170kg

Note: Height does not include the crane lifting points – 75mm.

Weight 170 kg
Dimensions 1350 × 1350 × 1153 cm

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