20 ft Hydration Station Respite Room w/ Aquapax Water Supply

Protect your workforce from heat-stress and dehydration on remote worksites

Aussies on remote worksites work tough jobs in some of the hottest and driest environments in the world. No matter where your operations take you, we believe you deserve quality facilities to get cool, rehydrate, and recover.

This Hydration Station is a custom-modified containers equipped with:

  • powerful and cooling air-conditioning,
  • a bulk supply of pure Australian spring water,
  • a high-quality fridge and chest freezer,
  • and a hydrating water dispenser and ice machine.
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  • Fully insulated, walls and ceiling lined with refrigeration panel (includes aluminium angle cornices and finishing)
  • Industrial grade vinyl flooring in personnel area
  • PA Door with window inside for access
  • 1 x chilled water bubbler drinking fountain with water dispenser to fill water bottles
  • 1 x industrial ice machine with large capacity ice storage bin & scoop
  • 1 x double door glass front fridge
  • 1 x chest freezer
  • 5 kw split system air conditioner with external unit on bracket mount
  • Electrical: 2 x LED lights with diffuser inside, 2 x LED lights with diffuser outside, light Switch, GPOs for all appliances, switchboard with RCD, power inlet for generator supply
  • All electrical work designed and installed to relevant Australian electrical standards
  • Stainless steel bench on one side
  • Container end sectioned off for storage of 2 x 1000 litre Aquapax water pods
  • Pods load by forklift through container doors and plumb to the main section for water supply
  • High quality water pump, water filter system and UV all-in-one unit for supplying ice machines & water dispenser
  • Full external respray in white
  • Optional extras:
    • Tropical roof for further heat-shielding in extreme conditions
    • Extra seating and benches
    • Configuration for connection to an existing water supply
    • Custom paint finish in your chosen colours

2700 mm (internal), 2896 mm (external)


5898 mm (internal), 6058 mm (external)


2352 mm (internal), 2438 mm (external)

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