Zac Baker Tradesales Melbourne

From Cleaning Equipment To Cleaning Up In Sales

Zac is the latest person to join Tradesales’ expanding sales team, on top of three other team members who joined in the final quarter of 2022.

The business development manager has been hired to look after sales in the company’s Melbourne branch.

“My role is primarily to handle sales in the eastern states and to help grow Tradesales foothold in the defence, civil and construction sectors. A key effort will be to build a network for us in Victoria,” said Zac.

Before joining the Tradesales team, Zac worked in a business development role in Victoria, selling cleaning equipment.

“I was mainly selling to schools, hospitals, aged-care facilities, shopping centres, stadiums, and even big buildings in the CBD.

“I started on the tools and worked my way up to warehouse manager before moving into sales,” said Zac.

While he enjoyed the challenge and was grateful for the career progression, after four years, he was keen to move on to bigger things, and he couldn’t say no to the opportunity for further growth with Tradesales.

“My goal is to become more of a key team player rather than just a number, and I’m excited by the opportunity to work in – and if all goes well – eventually run the Victoria branch,” he said.

Although filled with confidence, Zac does foresee a few challenges and opportunities stepping into the new role.

“We’ve done quite a bit of business on the east coast, but it’s a big market and Tradesales is not as well known as some other companies in Victoria. So, my first job is to get the brand in front of as many decision-makers as possible and fast,” said Zac.

He says that getting companies to switch across from suppliers who they have been with for 20 or 30 years won’t be an easy task, but he can see where the company has an edge in the market.

“We’re a manufacturing business. And, because we’re a manufacturing business, it means that we’re a surer option than similar companies in Melbourne who are purely importers.

“Considering the supply chain issues we’ve had over the last two years, now is the perfect opportunity to get stuck in and start knocking on doors,” said Zac enthusiastically.

He stated that Tradesales products had already been proven in the mining industry, making them ideal for the civil construction sector.

“Big tunnel projects, rail construction, and road level crossing removals all share a lot of similarities with the mining sector in that they operate in remote worksites that require heavy-duty equipment. Therefore, the products we make for the mining industry will provide increased productivity, safety, and value for money for these other sectors. Plus, they’d be supporting an Australia-made product,” said Zac.

Outside the office, Zac enjoys spending time with family, including his two-year-old daughter and watching his beloved Magpies play in the AFL.

Welcome to the team Zac.

Get in contact with Zac over the phone 0439 227 386 or via email