Rugged Heights: Our Oversize Storage Box on Stands

Check out these Oversize Storage Box on Stands that we recently finished for BHP. Our robust, heavy-duty storage solution is designed with convenience and safety in mind. This purpose-built unit offers expansive storage capacity, ensuring efficient organisation of your tools and equipment, all while maintaining easy accessibility.

According to Tradesales Key Account Manager Romeo Dartnall, the client was looking for a rugged storage unit that could be easily transported around the warehouse using a forklift.

“Importantly, the client was looking for an elevated unit, meaning this storage box provides a comfortable working height, eliminating the need for workers to constantly bend down or lift heavy items, significantly reducing the risk of manual handling injuries,” said Romeo.

“Crafted from heavy-duty steel, this storage box is built to withstand demanding work environments such as mining in the Pilbara. It comes equipped with crane lifting lugs certified for overhead crane use and a 2,000-kilogram working load limit.”

“Plus, four units can be stacked on top of each other, even when they are filled with storage, meaning that you can optimise your space utilisation without compromising capacity or accessibility.”

Compliance with AS4991, the Australian standard for lifting devices, ensures that our storage box meets stringent safety requirements. The addition of drop-down gates on two opposing sides further enhances accessibility, allowing users to reach their tools effortlessly.

For added convenience, the inclusion of forklift pockets makes transportation a breeze, providing a practical solution for moving the storage box around your workspace. The high-quality painted finish in a vibrant yellow not only adds a professional touch but also enhances visibility for increased safety.

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