10-foot Hydration Station with solar power

The smallest of our Hydration Station’s still packs a punch. With solar power, the 10-foot hydration station provides up to 4,000 liters of chilled water, without needing grid power or a generator. The 10-foot model is ideal for remote worksites, exploration activities or for when space is at a premium such is on construction sites and underground.

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  • Designed to store 4 x 1000L Drinking Water Pods
  • Chilled water unit with bubbler and bottle filler
  • Pods loaded by forklift in rear of the unit
  • Certified mid-rack for 4 x water pods
  • High-quality constant pressure water pump & equipment
  • Food grade pipework throughout
  • Enclosure made from insulated panel to protect users from the sunlight
  • Plastic strips across front to minimise dust getting inside the unit
  • Powered with Solar Kit mounted to the roof
  • External power connection for back-up power supply
  • Large fork pockets at base for easy moving

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