Hydration Station Container

Custom modified container ‘Hydration Stations’  designed to protect your workforce from heat-stress and dehydration on remote work sites. Fitted out with powerful air-conditioning, comfortable bench seating, and the best in industrial ice-machines, water freezers and dispensers. Everything necessary to keep your workforce safe, happy and healthy.


  • Industrial quality ice machines, water dispensers, and water pod storage for a range of hydration options
  • Chest freezers to keep electrolyte blocks, ice bricks, and water bottles frozen
  • Air-conditioning and full panelled insulation for high-quality climate control
  • Windows offering natural light with additional LED lighting
  • Easy to clean industrial grade vinyl flooring
  • Comfortable and durable bench seating
  • Personnel access doors for easy entry and exit
  • Simple to use and ready-to-connect water pumps and filtration systems
  • Distinct signage for easy identification


  • Solar system for power in remote locations
  • Tropical roof for further heat-shielding in extreme conditions
  • Extra seating and workbenches
  • Custom paint finish in your chosen colours
  • Configuration for connection to an existing water supply

Coming soon…