18,000 Litre 40-Foot Bulk Water Hydration Station

The Bulk Water Hydration Station is a relocatable site solution with an engineer-certified racking system that accommodates eighteen Aquapax drinking water pods.

These pods, equivalent to the size of a standard pallet, can be easily transported to site.

The Bulk Water Hydration Station offers a simple setup with no specialised operation or maintenance, allowing a consistent supply of fresh drinking water through a manifold system.

It is scalable, enabling larger volumes of water if needed, and significantly more cost-effective than reverse osmosis units. Moreover, the water used in this solution is sourced from natural springs, ensuring high purity and safety standards while minimising the environmental impact.

The Bulk Water Hydration Station requires less energy compared to reverse osmosis systems, can be relocated as needed, and addresses the challenges of unstable groundwater in remote mining locations.

  • Designed to store 18 x 1000 litre Aquapax drinking water pods
  • Pods loaded by forklift through container door
  • Certified mid-rack for 9 x water pods
  • High-quality constant-pressure water pump for supply
  • Food-grade pipework throughout
  • Two-way valve for switching between levels to allow for easy change-out of water pods
  • All pods are plumbed to a manifold in the wall for easy connection on site
  • Walkway along the back of the unit for quickly connecting water pods to supply lines and maintenance of equipment
  • 4 x LED lights on the ceiling above the walkway
  • Full external respray in white with custom colours available

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