The benefits of a sloped top cabinet

When you’re in the market for the right storage locker or cabinet, make sure to keep an eye out for the Tradesales sloped top cabinet range. While standard industry storage cabinets tend to have flat tops, as you’d expect, there are actually a number of benefits for opting for a sloped top instead.

The importance of the right storage solution

Whether your team operates in a warehouse or an industrial workspace, having access to the right storage solutions is very important.


For one thing, your tools, equipment and inventory should always be secure and safe. Many accidents, from theft to damage, can be prevented by simply investing in the right high-quality metal storage cabinet.


The better your warehouse and tool storage, the more productive your team will be. With easy access to tools and a simple system for finding the right location for the right equipment, your team will be best positioned to get on with their work seamlessly and with heightened productivity.


Productivity goes even further than how smoothly your warehouse or factory floor operations go. Workplace morale is an increasingly important factor dictating the effectiveness of a business. With proper metal storage lockers, for example, team members are better empowered to appreciate the resources and tools available to them, increasing morale and general satisfaction.

Employee safety

Storage cabinets and lockers allow you and your employees to keep tools in a safe and sequestered space. This means less risk of injury thanks to badly organised storage; tools being left out of lockers, or accidents occurring when trying to access the tools needed.


Saving money is a priority of all businesses, and storage lockers or cabinets is yet another way in which you can do exactly that. By keeping your inventory secured against thieves and protected from damage, not to mention your enhanced ability to keep on top of inventory and tool maintenance, the long-term cost savings pay for any investment in storage cabinets themselves many times over.

The benefits of sloped top cabinets

Our customers often ask us why we sell cabinets with sloped tops, and why these sorts of storage cabinets are becoming more and more popular across industries. In reality, our customers have all sorts of reasons why they might prefer a sloped topped cabinet over a flat model. To help you understand some of the most common benefits, we’ve put together the following list.

1. Workplace health and safety

As we mentioned above, workplace health and safety are certainly a priority for our customers, as it should be. While we dealt with the security afforded to the tools and items stored in the cabinets themselves, sloped top cabinets offer additional safety measures for employees and team members.

Thanks to the sloping nature of the roof, additional items cannot be stored on top of them. This means no one can chuck something up there that doesn’t belong, isn’t secured or is at risk of causing damage or injury to someone else. By preventing stacking, you can make sure your workspace complies with even the strictest of occupational health and safety standards.

Take for example our TRAD1800SHD-3 Single Door TradeLocker. Complete with three high-density drawers and lockable doors, there’s plenty of internal storage available without having to worry about other colleagues stacking items on top.

2. Better hygiene practices

Storage cabinets with a sloped top also allow you to effortlessly improve on your warehouse or factory’s hygiene habits. By ensuring that neither dust or dirt can settle easily on top, and thus accumulate, you’ll find that regular cleaning is easier and more effective than with flat-topped storage cabinets and lockers.

There’s another benefit as well. Many sloped top cabinets come with transparent doors allowing you to view the contents inside the storage locker, such as our Heavy-Duty Tool Panel Locker. Combine this with the fact nothing can be stacked or stored on top; your team can more easily identify what’s in each locker or cabinet and only start touching and accessing the ones they actually need.

3. More organisation

You might be wondering why taking advantage of the extra surface area a flat-topped cabinet provides is such a bad thing. The reason is because it’s just unnecessary and compromises many of the benefits we’re outlining here. Our Heavy Duty Ezi View Lockers, for example, come with five adjustable and high-quality shelves ensuring you can easily fit in and store a wide range of items and tools.

Without piling additional gear on top of the cabinet, your team will be required to go that extra inch to ensure everything is organised and put away properly. Apart from just reducing general clutter and mess, this will also improve productivity by decreasing the difficulty a team member has finding the tool they are looking for.

4. Greater visual appeal

With highly organised and decluttered workspaces, a sloped top storage locker will enhance the visual appeal of your workspace. There’s little question that a workspace without stacked, loose items on top of storage cabinets is a much nicer-looking environment. Of course, this is important for making a good first impression on visitors of all kinds, but it is also important for ensuring that your team works in an environment that they enjoy and can be proud of, thus improving morale even further. The Tradesales Component/Bolt Rack in particular, is perfectly designed to provide maximum storage space in a compact, sleek and aesthetic unit.

Plus, there are plenty of people who prefer the inherent aesthetic of a sloped top cabinet over the boxy visuals of a series of flat-topped lockers.

Whether sloped or flat, make sure to contact Tradesales today!

At the end of the day, while we’re huge proponents of sloped top cabinets, your storage cabinet and locker solution need to work for you. And to find the right product to do that, you should work with us!

The Tradesales team takes a unique consultative approach to ensure you’re matched with the perfect sloped top or flat-topped storage locker! Contact us today to find out more.