Make the most of your warehouse space with high-density storage

High-density secure storage is a must-have for a wide range of workspaces and warehouses. Where space is at a premium and tool/equipment inventory can be expensive, it’s important to have warehouse storage solutions that provide ample room for everything you need.

That’s exactly why Tradesales’ MAXA High-Density Cabinets were made. As an Australian-owned and operated company, we understand intimately what our customers need and expect from their storage cabinets and lockers.

What is high-density storage, and why use it?

The principle concept of high-density storage is using organisational techniques and storage facilities to store the largest quantity of items in the smallest space possible.  With Tradesales’ MAXA High-Density Cabinets, you’ll be empowered to create a high-density storage system in your own locker or cabinet thanks to its ergonomic and efficient design.

Built to store and built to last

High-density cabinets, including the MAXA range, are made to be super tough and designed to last. Not only will this ensure that your contents are being stored securely and safely, but you’ll also enjoy a better return on your investment over the long run and in the short term!

Weight/load bearing

One of the most important features of a high-density cabinet is its capability to hold all your heavy-duty tools and parts, no matter their size. At Tradesales, our cabinets can hold as much as 120 kilograms each, even when fully extended! Using cabinets specifically designed for high-density storage will ensure that they’re also engineered correctly for worry-free weight and load bearing.

Increase storage capacity

The most obvious benefit of high-density storage is the ability to store more in your cabinets or lockers. Many workspaces find storing their tools and equipment safely and in an organised way more straightforward with a high-density cabinet, such as MAXA, which is designed specifically for that purpose.

More floor space

It’s not just in the storage lockers and cabinets where space is a premium. The floor space of your factory, warehouse or worksite is also finite in its size. By moving as much equipment and tools as possible into lockable and secure storage, you’ll be freeing up as much floor space as possible. Whether you then utilise this extra room for additional equipment and workers or to simply streamline how your team can move about the space, the potential for cost savings and increased productivity is substantial.

Greater efficiency

High-density storage cabinets allow for greater efficiency in the workplace. With everything organised yet compact, your workers can find what they need with greater ease. The more spread out and disorganised your storage cabinets are, the less efficient your entire process is going to be. This can make it hard to increase productivity and improve general workplace morale. High-density storage solutions enable you to increase efficiency in a sustainable and effective way.

Easier inventory maintenance

Maintaining inventory is easier when you have everything you need organised and sorted. Without a specifically designed high-density cabinet, it can be tough to both fit all the storage items you need packed away and keep it user-friendly and accessible. High-density-specific solutions make it a lot easier to stay on top of what you have and where it lives.

Introducing the MAXA High-Density Cabinets Series

Our MAXA cabinet series boasts a range of drawer sizes and compartments that allow for truly flexible and versatile storage. Complete with accessory partitions, dividers and plastic bins, there’s no sized tool or item (big or small) that can’t be efficiently organised.

Moreover, while the modular cabinets are sold in individual units for ease of relocation and use, they can be integrated to increase the density of the cabinets and the density of the stored items within. There are even optional mobile kits with castor wheels to further enable you to move your units around as needed.

The entire MAXA series is finished with a powder coating and made from high-grade materials so that they look as good as they function. These storage cabinets with double doors are also central key-locking for maximum security and maximum peace of mind.

And last but not least, our MAXA range is more than capable of holding up to 120 kilograms each, even when fully extended. This high load-bearing capacity and spaciousness ensure you’ll be able to store just about anything and everything you need.

In our MAXA High-Density Cabinet Series, there are three different options: K, S and C. Each cabinet offers slightly different specifications and measurements to suit different applications and needs.

MAXA High-Density Cabinet K Series 

The MAXA K Series of storage cabinets are the most compact option available. With a width of just 717 millimetres and depth of 572 millimetres, both the 850 and 12,510 millimetre high options are great for tight spaces of small workspaces.

There’s still plenty of opportunities to customise how you use your High-Density Cabinet K Series unit with drawer arrangements ranging from 0 to 10 separate units and 0 or 2 individual shelves.

MAXA High-Density Cabinet S Series 

If you’re looking for a secure cabinet with some extra height and space, the MAXA S Series could be for you. With height options of 1,150, 1,450 and 1,800 millimetres there’s plenty of scope to find a size that suits. The standard width and depth of the S Series measures 1,023 and 572 millimetres respectively, and the standard model comes with either 7, 8 or 10 drawers and 2 shelves.

MAXA High-Density Cabinet C Series 

If neither the MAXA High-Density K nor S Series offer quite the sized lockable storage you need, it’s time to bring out the MAXA C Series. With heights starting at 850 millimetres and then expanding to 1,150, 1,450 and even 1,800 there’s bound to be a cabinet that suits your needs. Plus, with a width of 1,023 millimetres, a depth of 725 millimetres and between 5 to 9 drawers or 2 (or no) shelves, there’s plenty of space for your high-density tool and equipment storage.

Contact us for comprehensive storage cabinets and locker solutions

At Tradesales, we provide comprehensive logical support across the entire life cycle of our customer’s assets. Whether you’re fitting out a new warehouse, upgrading a workshop or relocating your factory, we’re bound to have the perfect solution for you.

We’re particularly proud of our high-density storage options and the high quality, reliable and secure storage our products offer customers. So, if you need a bit of advice when choosing the right option for you, don’t hesitate to reach out and speak to our team today