Elevating Efficiency and Safety with Custom Workshop Fit-Outs

A poorly designed tool store or workshop can have numerous negative impacts, including inefficiency, loss and damage of high-value items and even potential injury.

After a recent visit, a long-standing customer of Tradesales – Rio Tinto – entrusted us to help upgrade tool stores at two different sites.

The company had added new buildings to existing infrastructure and was keen to make their new tool stores as efficient as possible.

“We had a blank canvas to work with, meaning that our heavy-duty storage and workshop equipment could be used as effectively as possible,” said Tradesales key account manager Jason Painter.

“Rather than locking everything away, frequently used items were hung on custom-made shadow boards so they could be accessed easily. Less frequently used or high-value tools were stored safely in lockable MAXA cabinets.”

While the two workshop fit-outs were at different sites, there were a lot of similarities as the company was eager for a clean and modular solution that could be added to in the future. The fit-outs include:

“The fit-outs have been well received, with multiple supervisors and superintendents commenting that they were impressed with the fit and finish of the items supplied by Tradesales,” said Jason.

“The modular nature of the fit-out will allow the company to add more tools without increasing existing infrastructure, future-proofing the tool room for years to come.”

For businesses seeking efficient and customized workshop solutions, Tradesales is the go-to partner. Contact the team via email at info@tradesales.com.au or call 1800 999 521 to learn more about Tradesales’ fit-out services and enhance your workshop’s productivity and safety.

Workshop fit-out with Tradespan shelving  Workshop fit outs with custom shadow boards Workshop fit-out with MAXA cabinet and dangerous good cupboard