The benefits of using lifting bins made from aluminium for conveyor roller changeouts

When it comes to handling conveyor rollers, we have found many of our clients are dealing with restricted or very limited weight capacities on raised platforms and walkways around their plant infrastructure.

Opting for aluminium lifting bins over mild steel offers several significant advantages in these situations.

Here are the key benefits of using aluminium for these lifting bins:

Weight reduction for enhanced efficiency:

The primary advantage of using aluminium lifting bins is their substantial weight reduction compared to mild steel. Aluminium possesses exceptional strength-to-weight ratio properties, providing comparable strength to mild steel while being significantly lighter. By utilising aluminium lifting bins, the overall weight of the equipment is reduced, enabling more efficient operations. The lighter weight translates into improved manoeuvrability, reduced weight lifted by cranes, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Increased payload capacity within weight limits:

The limited weight capacity of many raised platforms on fixed infrastructure requires careful consideration when choosing lifting bins. Aluminium lifting bins help maximise the payload capacity within these constraints due to their lightweight nature and can accommodate more rollers within the weight limits imposed by the platform. This means more efficient material handling, fewer trips, and increased productivity in the workflow, reducing downtime and optimising operational efficiency.

Benefits of Aluminium drop bottom bins in purple

Corrosion resistance for durability:

Crane lifting bins used in harsh mining and industrial environments are exposed to various elements, including moisture and other potential corrosive substances or situations. Aluminium possesses excellent corrosion resistance properties. Unlike mild steel, which is prone to rust and deterioration, the corrosion resistance of aluminium lifting bins reduces maintenance requirements and extends their lifespan, resulting in cost savings over time.

Easy handling and versatile design:

Aluminium lifting bins offer ease of handling due to their lightweight nature. The reduced weight simplifies loading and unloading operations, minimising the physical strain on your workforce. Additionally, aluminium can be easily customised to meet specific requirements. This flexibility enables the design of lifting bins with features such as handles, slots, dividers or compartments tailored to the unique needs of handling conveyor rollers, improving efficiency and ease of use.

A better option on raised platforms 

The weight reduction offered by aluminium lifting bins improves operational efficiency, increases payload capacity, and reduces strain on the raised platforms. Additionally, aluminium’s corrosion resistance, durability, and ease of handling further enhance the suitability of these bins for the unforgiving environments of mining and industrial applications. By choosing aluminium lifting bins, you can optimise your material handling processes while ensuring safety, reliability, and long-term cost savings.

With our qualified design and fabrication team, Tradesales is well-equipped to meet the specific needs of the mining sector with crane lifting bins for conveyor roller handling and many other applications. Whether standard or custom solutions are required, we can design and fabricate high-quality aluminium products, harnessing the benefits of weight reduction and leveraging the versatility of aluminium to deliver efficient and tailored solutions for our clients.