5 tips for keeping your warehouse tools safe

Keeping your warehouse tools safe is really important for businesses of all types and across all sectors. The Tradesales’ offering of high quality and secure storage cabinets and lockers provides flexible solutions to ensure your tools are safe at all times.

But while our storage cabinets are somewhat of a ‘set and forget’ solution, we highly recommend you and your team take a few extra, simple and effective steps to ensure your warehouse tools are properly taken care of.

Why invest in a storage locker solution?

Whether you opt for a storage cabinet, or a metal storage locker is up to you and your application. Regardless, keeping your tools safe is a worthy and essential investment.

Tools are expensive!

Despite our industry-leading cost-effective storage cabinet solutions, you might be resistant to investing in safe storage lockers. The truth is that if you bristle at the thought of shelling out money for storage cabinets and/or lockers, imagine having to replace your expensive tools! Whether or not your contents are insured, losing tools and equipment to theft or damage can be absolutely debilitating for a business.

Productivity is dependent on it.

It’s not just the cost of replacing your tools that you need to bear in mind. How would losing your tools affect the operations of the business and the productivity of your team and workplace? Few businesses can afford the costs involved were their operations to be disrupted for an indefinite or extended period of time.

5 warehouse tool safekeeping tips

So, aside from investing in an engineer-approved storage cabinet from Tradesales, how can you best keep your warehouse tools safe?

Tip 1 – Clearly label your tools

Clearly labelling your tools is a good practice to get into for everyday use as well. Better visibility and accessibility make for higher levels of productivity. There is actually another benefit however: It can also help keep your tools safer.

You would be forgiven for thinking that labelling storage cabinets and lockers might attract would-be thieves’ attention. But, in reality, the reverse is true. Thieves are less attracted to easily identified tools as this both increases their risk of getting caught and it prevents them from causing unnecessary damage or destruction while trying to find something they are really looking for.

There’s the added benefit of being able to more easily identify stolen or damaged tools yourself if they are all labelled with a consistent labelling format and organised accordingly.

Tip 2 – Maintain an inventory

Unless you just love sorting and being organised, keeping an up-to-date and accurate inventory isn’t always the most enjoyable thing to be doing. There are, nonetheless, a million and one reasons why maintaining an active inventory is a smart thing to do.

  1. It will help you identify tools in the event of a theft and help with any potential insurance claims (and police reports).
  2. It will ensure you are on top of your inventory of warehouse tools and give you an overview of what you have and haven’t got.
  3. You can more easily keep track of the wear and tear on your tools and determine which ones need to be replaced, fixed or otherwise maintained.

Tip 3 – Store your warehouse tools in designated locations

Like the other tips, Tip #3 has benefits that extend beyond the safety of your warehouse tools. With designated and clear spots for each tool and piece of equipment, the whole team will be able to find what they need and when they need it. And they’ll know where to return it when they’re finished!

When choosing designated locations for your storage cabinets and lockers consider places in your warehouse where passers-by cannot see them. Out of sight is out of mind, and out of thieves’ minds is safest. Ideally, your tools should still be in a place where your team can see them and keep an eye on them just in case.

Tip 4 – Stay organised

A little ongoing effort can help you avoid big headaches down the line. The more organised you are with your storage lockers and cabinets the less likely it is that anything will go missing or be lost. In the event that such a thing does happen, it will make it much easier and less stressful to identify what is missing. Along with your inventory list, this should make keeping on top of the tools you have and don’t have hassle-free.

Tip 5 – Choose a purpose-built storage cabinet or locker

We’ve saved the most important for last. Your warehouse tools are essential for the ongoing running of your business, and while we’ve already outlined the importance in investing in high quality storage cabinets, it’s worth taking this piece of advice one step further: Make sure your tools are stored in a purpose-built storage cabinet or locker.

Instead of opting for a cookie-cutter solution that “fits all applications” but actually suits none, a purpose-built storage solution is designed and fabricated specifically for your intended purpose. No matter which locker or cabinet you use make sure it features the following:

  • Heavy duty materials and construction so it cannot be cut through or broken into.
  • Lockable features to ensure everything is secured.
  • Tool charging capability to allow electrical tools to replenish their battery whilst still keeping them safe.

Tradesales’ Heavy Duty Tool Charging Station

To give you an idea of the sort of secure storage cabinet solution we’re talking about, consider our very own Heavy Duty Tool Charging Station. With safety features including key lockable handles with heavy duty clear Perspex panels, this storage cabinet also comes with two dual general power outlets and a standard 3-pin power inlet at the back of the unit so you can connect it to the mains power supply.

Instead of worrying about either charging your tools or keeping them safe, with our Heavy Duty Tool Charging Station, all of your equipment can be kept completely secure whilst powered up. Additionally, because the stations are supplied in separate units you can add as many storage cabinets as you need and relocate individual units as necessary with ease.

Find out more about keeping your tools safe today

Whether you’re after a metal storage cabinet or locker, with or without a charging station, make sure you get in touch with the Tradesales team. We’re experts in providing custom solutions to our customers to ensure their warehouse tools and equipment are as safe as can be 24/7. Contact us today to find out more.