How to store different sizes of equipment in factories, mine sites and warehouses

Equipment storage–whether you’re in a factory, on a mine site or operating a warehouse–is always an important organisational issue. Machinery, stock, chemicals and a range of other items all require reliable, sturdy and safe industrial storage solutions.

So, where do you begin? What sort of industrial shelving is best suited to your needs? While the team here at Tradesales are always happy to provide one-on-one consultations for you and your worksite, we thought we’d put together this handy blog to get you started in the meantime.

Finding the right storage

To put it mildly, when it comes to equipment storage there are actually right and wrong solutions. Finding the appropriate industrial shelving or heavy-duty storage facilities is essential for a variety of reasons.

1. Improved lifespan

Equipment can be expensive: both in terms of the initial purchase and the ongoing maintenance. Not to even mention what happens if something should break or a machine requires repair. With the right protective industrial storage solution, you can rest assured that your equipment can rest soundly without being exposed to elements which can decrease their lifespan or risk damage.

2. Improved productivity

The better organised your stock and equipment–thanks to having the right industrial shelving units–the smoother your operations will be. Your entire team will find their productivity significantly improved due to their ability to locate equipment, access materials and monitor stock levels.

3. More accessibility

Space is always a premium on work sites. To that end, ensuring that you have all the space you need without sacrificing accessibility is a must. The wide range of available industrial shelving provides the perfect storage solution for equipment of all sizes, shapes and types in terms of accessibility.

4. Security

From lockable cabinets to hard-wearing material fabrication, the right equipment storage solution will give you absolute peace of mind knowing your equipment will all be in one piece. Of course, not everything requires locking up. Nonetheless, there are plenty of industrial storage options for equipment and stock of all ‘security levels’.

Storage solution recommendations

We highly recommend having a look through our entire product range online to get a feel for the real breadth and depth of our solutions offerings.

To point you in the right direction, here’s a quick reference guide to different industrial shelving units particularly suited for certain equipment types.

Long Equipment: Tradespan ® Starter Bays

These upright and sturdy frames, courtesy of Tradespan, are highly affordable and high-quality storage solutions. Thanks to their versatile design, Tradespan Starter Bays are used widely across the retail, manufacturing and distribution sectors.

One big advantage is that dimensionally, you can fit a wide variety of different types of equipment including particularly long items. It’s also easy to extend your storage solution with add-on bays which takes us on to the next recommendation.

Bulky Equipment: Tradespan ® Add-On Bays

Tradespan’s Add-On Bays offer the exact solution its name suggests: the ability to customise the size and length of your industrial shelving to suit uniquely bulky or oddly shaped equipment. With all of the benefits of the Starter Bays solutions, including high quality finishes, strong load bearing capacity and affordable pricing, the Add-On Bays provide the flexibility you need for your equipment storage.

Heavy Equipment: Heavy Duty Dispersion Rack

If you’re on the hunt for heavy duty shelves for particularly heavy equipment, there’s no going past our Heavy Duty Dispersion Rack. Expertly designed, meticulously fabricated and 100% engineer certified, these hard-wearing and high load capacity racks can hold as much as 1,600 kilograms on each level! Plus, every end features tiedown lugs, so you and your team can operate safely at all times.

Dangerous Equipment: Tradespan ® Bunded Shelving

Storing dangerous goods is serious business and while we offer a variety of solutions for a range of different types of dangerous chemicals and items, the Tradespan Bunded Shelving offers a perfect solution for all sorts of potentially harmful materials and equipment. Complete with spill risk-reducing bund inserts to ensure minimal contamination and leaks, these mesh-decked industrial shelving units are as heavy duty as they come. If you have a uniquely dangerous storage problem, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to our team for tailored advice.

Smaller Equipment: Louver Panel Rack

When it comes to equipment storage, size certainly matters. While large, long and bulky items pose one particular problem, keeping smaller equipment effectively organised and stored, whilst also safe, is just as important an issue. The Louver Panel Rack is an excellent factory shelving solution for a range of applications. With plates that can be bolted to the floor to ensure that there’s no chance of anything toppling over and specially designed racks that are excellent for keeping tools and parts in the right spot, there are many ways in which the Louver can be used according to your needs.

Why choose Tradesales?

There are plenty of reasons why turning to our team at Tradesales and our industry-leading equipment storage solutions is the smart way to go.

1. Aussie-owned and operated

We’re 100% owned and operated by local Australians. This doesn’t just mean that when you support us you’re supporting local manufacturers and the Aussie economy. It means that we’re best able to understand your needs and the conditions of the Australian climate that factories, industrial machinery and warehouses are facing.

That’s why we’re able to provide truly bespoke and accurate advice to ensure you find the right industrial storage solution for your needs.

2. We work in-house

All of our design and manufacturing work is done right here, in house, at Tradesales. This gives us control of their entirety of the process to ensure the absolute strictest of quality standards. It also gives you the assurance that you need that a Tradesales solution is a solution worth investing in. Plus, if you have particular requirements that you need attended to, our team is always available with practical advice and customisable service.

3. Unique approach

Tradesales is truly unique: Our personal and professional team takes a consultative approach when providing companies with any solution across our storage systems; safety storage products; materials handling and workshop equipment offerings. With our team behind you, you’ll enjoy the confidence that not only will your Tradesales industrial storage solution be cost effective and high quality, but purpose built to your exact specifications and needs.

Ready to start exploring equipment solutions for your needs with one of our trusted consultants? Contact our team today!