How to fix the most common workshop storage problems

We fix plenty of workshop storage problems at Tradesales, and some we see more often than others. If you dream of bringing order to your shop and tools, here are six of our most frequently seen problems — and how to solve them.

1. Misplaced tools and parts

Looking for a tool or part but can’t find it? The time you spend looking for lost items is time wasted.  An easy solution is to invest in a workshop cabinet system such as our MAXA modular workshop cabinets. Correct storage of tools and parts keeps your equipment where you need it when you need it.

2. Stolen tools and parts

Sometimes tools and parts haven’t just been misplaced but are missing from your workshop altogether. The security of your expensive tools and equipment can be solved with workshop cabinets that feature key locking and heavy-duty, theft-resistant metal construction.

3. Unmanageable drawers

Items are hard to find in a messy drawer, so tools and parts can’t just be dumped into one catchall space. Different drawer sizes and accessories such as partitions, dividers and parts bins help you to declutter and organise.

4. Inefficient use of space

Even in the biggest workshops, it’s important to eliminate wasted working space and be able to provide storage for the largest volume of items in the smallest footprint. High-density systems such as integrated cabinets and workbenches both increase your working area and storage.

5. Mix’n’match storage equipment

Mixing and matching storage equipment beats going without storage equipment, but should you?

Modular workshop cabinets allow different pieces to integrate into one space-saving and user-friendly workshop solution. When workshop bays use identical and interchangeable equipment, a worker can move from station to station and know exactly where to find the tools and part they need.

6. ‘Turnkey’ storage equipment

Turnkey solutions are great. They’re easy, cost-effective, and quick to deploy. But the downsides in turnkey offerings are the lack of customisation and integration necessary for some workshops. The best cabinets for your workshop are cabinets that have been custom designed to your exact application. Wheels for mobility, power outlets for charging tools, lighting to illuminate your workspace… the possibilities are endless.

We work with Australia’s biggest and best workshops to create spacious, comfortable working areas with efficient storage of tools and parts.

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