40-foot temperature controlled coolroom

Our temperature-controlled coolroom is designed for the storage of sensitive and volatile substances. The 40-foot relocatable site solution is perfect for storing flammable liquids, oxidising agents, organic peroxides, toxic materials and corrosive substances, even in the most challenging environments. The coolroom maintains a room temperature of 8*C even when outside temperatures exceed 40*C.

  • 40-foot side opening high cube container with bi-folding doors on one the long side
  • Full internal insulation made from a 75 mm refrigeration panel with aluminium cornices and finishings
  • High-quality temperature-controlled refrigeration system designed to maintain room temp of 8*C with an ambient temp of approximately 40*C
  • Fully commissioned installation before dispatch
  • External condenser unit mounted on an external platform at the end of the container
  • Full external respray in white with custom colours available

Coming soon…