40-foot single door Tradelocker® locker room containers

Tradesales’ Relocatable Locker Rooms provide comfortable, secure and easy-to-access storage for workers onsite. We’ve built Relocatable Locker Rooms for some of the biggest companies in the country. Our competitive pricing, flexible designs, and mine-spec builds ensure you get the perfect locker room for your work environment. This 20-foot single door Tradelocker® locker room container is installed with up-to 30 premium single door Tradelockers.

  • Custom-designed and manufactured to your exact requirements
  • Available in a range of container sizes, with 20-foot and 40-foot containers most common
  • Fitted with up-to 30 premium double-door Tradelockers® that set the standard for quality, durability and reliability in mining and heavy industry applications
  • Standard modifications include PA doors, lighting, exit signage, and air-conditioning
  • Optional modifications include solar power kits, tropical roofs, and power outlets inside each locker, with all electrical installation conducted to mine-spec requirements

* 40-foot model shown with optional see through doors

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