10-Foot High Cube Hose Assembly Storage Container

This container allows you to store and transport a large volume of hose assemblies around your site — perfect for operations with multiple machines and/or fixed plant equipment. Inside the container are sliding steel racks which hold the hoses and couplings for your specific machinery. The benefit of the container is that it can be easily relocated via truck, crane or forklift to exactly where your operations are taking place — reducing the downtime caused by hose issues and getting your equipment back to work faster and easier. 
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  • 10 ft high cube container — strong, safe, secure and easy to transport (also available in other standard container sizes)
  • Concrete filled base in container for ballast
  • Side opening doors on one long side for easy access to hose assemblies
  • 6 x sliding steel racks with capacity for a high volume of hoses and couplings (up to 350 hoses)
  • Wind and watertight with whirly bird ventilation on roof to regulate temperature and airflow
  • Extends the lifetime of your hose assemblies and reduces the chances of hose failure
  • Custom paintwork and labelling available
  • Ideal for mine sites and large construction or industrial projects

2890 mm (excl. whirly birds)


6100 mm

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