Why high-quality dangerous good storage is so important

Workplaces that work with and among hazardous materials and dangerous goods need to invest in high-quality storage solutions. In the interest of workplace safety, ensuring you have the right heavy-duty storage for any dangerous substances used onsite is non-negotiable.

What is a hazardous material?

There are a few different categories of hazardous material. Each will require specialised storage facilities that are compliant with regulatory standards.

  • Flammable Liquids – such as gasoline, toluene, alcohols, acetone, and diethyl ether.
  • Flammable Solids – such as some metallic hydrides, oily materials, processed metals, metallic sodium and potassium, matches, and nitrocellulose material.
  • Corrosive Materials – including both metal and polyethylene
  • Toxic substances – examples include acid, ammonia, bleach, carbon monoxide and chlorine.
  • Oxidising Materials – these agents can be toxic or corrosive, depending on how one is exposed.
  • Organic Peroxide – this can be toxic and corrosive as well as present a fire/explosion risk.
  • Combustible Material – these hazardous items are at risk of spontaneous combustion.
  • Wet Materials – this can include anything that is hazardous when wet.

Workplace Safety Practice

In many workplaces, the storing of dangerous or hazardous goods is necessary from a practical operational point of view. However, there are industry-standard codes of practice and legislation regulations to ensure that any storage and use of such materials is done safely, even in instances where you think it’s unnecessary.

For any particular dangerous good, it’s essential to conduct a comprehensive and accurate risk assessment. This assessment will help you identify the risks of storing the material in question and help set out strategies for mitigating or handling the risks.

Handling Training

One of the essential ways employers can identify and assess the risks associated with dangerous goods in the workplace is to conduct employee training. This necessary training should include correct and safe handling of hazardous materials when used and placed in or out of storage. And, while there are plenty of reliable and high-quality storage solutions out there for dangerous goods, there should also be an emphasis on training related to implementing emergency response plans, conducting regular inspections to ensure that safety procedures are being followed and identifying risks before they eventuate into something more serious.

40-foot gas cylinder storage container
Custom designed and manufactured 40-foot gas cylinder storage container by Tradesales

Evaluating the Risks

When considering and assessing the relevant risks of any particular hazardous chemical, there are a few distinct dangers to consider.


Does the material have the potential to burn, catch on fire or explode if ignited?


Can the hazardous goods spontaneously react with or without exposure to other chemicals, including water?


If ingested, inhaled, or otherwise absorbed (such as through the skin) what sort of adverse health effects can be caused?


Can the dangerous good cause corrosion to occur on other materials, including skin and other living tissue?


What negative impact can the hazardous material have on the natural environment?

12,000 L Outdoor Dangerous Goods Store
12,000 L Outdoor Dangerous Goods Store

Heavy-Duty Storage for Dangerous Goods

In relation to storing dangerous goods, high-quality and heavy-duty storage facilities are essential. With customised and specifically designed storage units, your workers’ safety and your facility’s security can be protected.

Unfortunately, run-of-the-mill storage cabinets are just not adequate for storing hazardous chemicals. In fact, some storage units which are custom designed for particular hazardous material might not even be safe for use with other types of dangerous goods for which it was not designed.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to understand what material any specific storage cabinet you’re using or considering is made out of and whether it is adequate for the goods in question.

Exposure vs Accidents

Dangerous goods in the workplace can prove hazardous, not just when an accident occurs or when something goes wrong. There are health risks associated with exposure to various dangerous goods. Any leaks or similar issues could result in harm, injury, or adverse health effects without a suitable safe storage facility.

Separation of Hazardous Chemicals

As mentioned above, some hazardous materials are dangerous when they come in contact with other materials or chemicals, or in the case of flammability, just fire and heat.

Heavy-duty storage facilities ensure that different dangerous goods are kept securely separated with the best options, even featuring fail safes to mitigate any possible risk of cross-material exposure.

Individual Storage Solutions

There is also the additional risk of multiple different (and incompatible) hazardous goods being stored together. Always take into consideration the number of different storage facilities you’ll require based on the number (and type) of hazardous materials being stored.

Dangerous Goods Containers

We have a wide range of dangerous goods storage solutions to suit any application. All of our dangerous goods storage cabinets are fully compliant to Australian standards and we have specific storage solutions to suit the dangerous goods you need stored securely. We have a large range of safety cabinets and gas cylinder cages in stock or we can custom build to suit your particular need.

Tradesales – your ultimate partner in workplace safety

From large conglomerates in the mining sector to small and medium transport and engineering companies, the Tradesales team has helped all sorts of businesses with their heavy-duty storage needs for dangerous goods.

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