Enhancing Capacity and Safety: 24-IBC Dangerous Goods Store Solution

Australia’s biggest miner, BHP, was looking to significantly increase the capacity of the lube farm at the South Flank mine site by switching to 1,000-litre IBCs.

The company enlisted Tradesales to build a 24-IBC dangerous goods store. The unit is a self-contained and well-ventilated solution that complies with all Australian standards. Its flexibility allows for convenient on-site installation and secure storage of hazardous materials.

With the ability to hold 24,000 litres of oil, this unit offers accessibility from both sides, featuring doors along its length and forklift access to each IBC. A key advantage of this setup is the elimination of manual handling of drums or IBCs, ensuring operational efficiency and safety.

The unit is equipped with a robust mid-rack, certified to withstand 18 tonnes, surpassing the requirements for the 12 IBCs it will accommodate.

Our range of outdoor dangerous goods stores encompasses various capacities, starting from 1,000 litres and going up to 32,000 litres.