The Final Word On Final Drive Transport Frames

Keeping a fleet of haul trucks at their peak performance is an essential part of the complicated formula that miners must consider. Proper routine maintenance and good operating practices are required to deliver the lowest cost per tonne.

Haul truck maintenance can range from daily tyre inspection to engine and final drive replacement.

Tradesales National Sales Manager, Jay McEwen, explained that final drives have a crucial role in a machine’s drive train as they transfer power to the tyres of haul trucks while also providing speed reduction and torque increase. He described the journey of power from the engine to the movement of wheels or tracks, passing through various gears and shafts, and highlighted the final drive as the last part of a machine’s powertrain system. As a result, it becomes the final component for increasing torque through gear reduction or changing the direction of power flow.

A final drive uses a set of planetary gears to convert force into torque one last time and, in doing so, allows the shafts, bearings, and gears to deliver power without being under the constant strain of a high-torque system.

Final drives are required to perform under extreme circumstances and absorb feedback due to the high torque loads they regularly handle and their close connection to tyres, tracks, or sprockets. As a result, they are designed accordingly to ensure their optimal functionality.

No matter how tough final drives are designed, they still need to be maintained and even replaced, which requires a transport frame to shift the unit to the maintenance site.

CAT 785F Final Drive Transport Frame

“Transport frames are structures designed to securely hold and transport heavy equipment such as a final drive. They are typically made of strong and durable materials, such as steel, to ensure that the equipment is adequately supported and protected during transportation,” said Mr McEwen.

“Transport frames come in various shapes and sizes, and they are usually custom-built to accommodate the specific dimensions and weight of the equipment being transported. In addition to protecting the equipment during transportation, transport frames are also an ideal storage solution to protect the equipment until it’s required.”

Tradesales has recently released a series of custom-made transport frames for CAT final drives suitable for 785F, 777, 789, 785, and 793 models.

Each of the frames are designed and manufactured in Australia to ISO:9001 standards and engineered for a working load limit of up to 10,000 kilograms. All of Tradesales’ transport frames are certified.

On top of our range of final drive transport frames, Tradesales has a range of certified racks and frames and can custom design a solution to suit your needs.

For more information on standard or custom-designed transport frames, contact the Tradesales team today.