Walkway Drop Bottom Bin (Size E) – Rollers

This drop bottom bin has been designed for roller applications but can be used with many types of waste. The bin is transported by forklift or crane and emptying is carried out by pulling the lever that drops open the floor. This is a great solution for minimising the risk of manual handling injuries on your worksite.

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  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Designed to fit 27 rollers (180 mm diameter x 70 mm length)
  • Capacity to take 765 kg of rollers inside at 28.3kg per roller
  • Swinging doors hinged on same side at both ends for personnel to walk through on walkways
  • ID plate on side of bin with weights & quantities of rollers allowed in bin
  • Heavy-duty drop down pins to prevent sliding on sloped walkways
  • Two removable dividers to stop rollers pressing against the door when on a slope
  • Heavy-duty 8 mm rubber matting on floor
  • 1500kg WLL clearly painted on two sides of bin
  • Unit is certified for lifting the combined WLL and Tare Weight as will be stated on WLL plate
  • Engineer certification & non-destructive Testing
  • 220 mm wide x 100 mm high forklift pockets at base & on top of bin
  • 4 swivel lifting points on each top corner of bin for lifting by overhead crane
  • Lever operated drop bottom floor with safety chain
  • Safety chain for securing to forklift when shifting
  • High-quality 2-Pak painted finish in blue

905 mm


2200 mm


690 mm

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