Plug & Play Solar Kits

Our plug & play solar kits are designed for modified container structures providing clean and reliable energy for mining, oil & gas, civil & construction, and defence worksites. Customisable to meet your specific needs, our kits come with options for panel count, battery inverters, and distribution boards. Our team of experts will help design a system that balances power and efficiency for your specific energy consumption needs. Perfect for remote, harsh environments, our kits offer a sustainable solution for powering workshops, crib rooms, offices and more.

Get in touch to find the best solution for your modified container structures.

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  • Designed to fit to our modified containers, and can also be retrofitted to existing relocatable facilities
  • Customisable number of solar panels to meet energy consumption requirements
  • High-efficiency battery inverters for reliable energy storage
  • Distribution boards for efficient power management
  • Rugged cyclone proof design for use in harsh and remote environments
  • Ideal for powering modified container structures such as workshops, crib rooms, offices, and more
  • Clean and sustainable energy solution
  • Reliable performance even during power outages
  • Expert design and consultation services to ensure optimal system setup

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