Maintenance Shutdown Boxes

During shutdowns it is common for expensive parts and tools to go missing or get damaged because they haven’t been stored correctly.

Our range of maintenance shutdown boxes allows for the safe transport and secure storage of  your critical equipment.

These boxes are specifically designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor mining and construction environments.

Prevent damage and theft of tools, equipment & parts for shutdowns, saving downtime and extra costs.

  • Heavy duty SHS and sheet metal construction
  • Galvanised or painted finish
  • Weatherproof design and cambered roof for rainwater run-off
  • Lockable swinging door and securing chain
  • Heavy duty forklift pockets
  • Variety of storage capacities and options
  • Models with fixed shelves, lockable sliding shelves w/bins, and/or pallet storage
  • Optional labelling, and castor wheelbase
Dimensions N/A

3 sliding shelves, 1 pallet storage, 3 sliding shelves, 1 fixed shelf, 3 sliding shelves, 6 sliding shelves, 1 pallet storage, 3 sliding shelves, 2 pallet storage, 1 pallet storage, 1 fixed shelf, 1 pallet storage, 2 fixed shelves, 3 sliding shelves, 2 pallet storage, 2 fixed shelves

Height (mm)

1600, 2000

Width (mm)

1300, 2620

Depth (mm)


Coming soon…