Certified Lifting Cage – 1000 kg WLL

The Tradesales Certified Lifting Cage is a specialised equipment designed for moving loose or goods, tools and parts using either a forklift or a crane.

Design and Purpose:

    • The cage is constructed to facilitate safe lifting and transportation of goods.
    • The cage is equipped with four oversize lifting points (chains not included) for secure lifting.
    • It has a lift capacity (SWL) of 1000kg.
    • The cage is stackable: up to 3 high when empty and 2 high when full.
    • Zinc-plated finish for durability.

For lifting cages that prioritize long-term quality and durability, consider exploring this product at Tradesales. If you need further information or want to request a quote, feel free to contact them at 1800 519 649.

Remember, this lifting cage is a reliable solution for safely handling goods during lifting and transport operations.

  • Lift certified design*
  • Optional Lift Up Lid
  • Swinging door
  • Forkliftable and stackable
  • Heavy-duty SHS and mesh construction
  • High quality painted finish
  • PVC waterproof covers are available

(*chains not included)


1300 mm


1080 mm


1080 mm


1000 kg

Spec Sheet CLC002 & CLC003