Aquapax 1000 L Drinking Water Pod

Aquapax Water Pods provide a sustainable, cost-effective solution for bulk drinking water. These eco-friendly containers hold 1000 litres of premium spring water sourced from WA’s Darling Ranges and offer a 2-year shelf life. Connect them easily to your existing infrastructure, or we can supply the necessary plumbing and water dispensing equipment.

Aquapax Water Pods are also used in our relocatable Hydration Stations.

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  • 1000 litres of pure spring water with a long 2-year shelf life
  • Replaces potable water tanks, saves space and delivers enough water for all your needs
  • Western Australian spring water handled in a HACCP-certified facility and independently tested by a NATA-certified laboratory to Australia’s highest standards
  • No on-site testing, maintenance or filtration needed
  • Connects directly to Hydration Station units, water dispensers or existing site infrastructure for easy access to water
  • Pre-installed 3/4″ (19 mm) ball valve that connects to any plumbing system
  • Disposable, one-way water pod saves logistics, fuel and is 100% recyclable, using 80% less plastic than PET bottles
  • On a wooden pallet for easy handling by forklifts

1035 mm


1165 mm

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