40-foot Shutdown Container

Meet our 40-foot Shutdown Container – a sturdy and efficient solution crafted to streamline your shutdown operations. Packed with essential features for a smooth workflow during maintenance and shutdown periods, this container boasts a roller door window for easy equipment loading and unloading. Featuring a dedicated workbench, MAXA cabinets, Uni-strut storage racks, and under-bench dangerous goods cabinets, it ensures organized and accessible tool storage. Heavy-duty tilt box shelving maximizes storage efficiency.

Inside, a dividing wall creates a small office space for administrative tasks, while mine-spec electrical components guarantee safety and compliance. For a comfortable workspace, a split-system air-conditioning unit is included, maintaining optimal temperature conditions during extended shutdown periods. Elevate your shutdown operations with the efficiency and convenience of our 40-foot Shutdown Container.

  • Roller door window
  • Workbench
  • MAXA cabinets
  • Uni-strut storage racks
  • Under bench dangerous goods cabinets
  • Heavy-duty tilt box shelving
  • Dividing wall with small office
  • Mine-spec electrical
  • Split system air-conditioning

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