How to securely store equipment and goods

Storage cabinets and lockers come in a wide variety of models and types for an equally diverse range of functions. Whether you have got backup stock or tools for everyday use, your storage lockers need to provide you with a smart, intuitive and accessible solution for your particular requirements.

When it comes to secure storage, whether it’s lockable or simply heavy-duty enough to handle the items that you need to store, finding the right type and style can be more complicated than you might think. At Tradesales, for example, we’re a leading stockist and importer of a massive range of storage systems, safety storage products and other workshop equipment.

While our consultants are always available to chat about your particular requirements, to help narrow down some of the options, we’ve put together a list of different suggestions for storing equipment and goods securely.

Finding the right secure storage solution

The first step in evaluating what sort of warehouse storage or workshop cabinet you need is to determine what sort of items you’re going to be storing.

Most commonly, the need for secure and lockable storage in industrial workplaces includes one of three types of goods:

  1. Expensive equipment
  2. Dangerous goods
  3. Personnel items/equipment

For expensive or personnel equipment, there’s a strong need to keep the storage facility locked at all times to deter theft or misplacement. However, dangerous goods require a storage locker that’s just as secure. Not only do you need to minimise the risk of any hazardous material causing damage through incorrect storage, but you also need to ensure that access to such items is limited to the authorised personnel who can handle it safely.

Secure Storage Options

Heavy-duty Workshop Lockers

Our heavy-duty workshop lockers are constructed specifically to offer high durability, long-term usage and heavy load capacity. This lockable storage locker includes rubber-sealed doors for added peace of mind that both nothing and no one can get into the cabinet without your permission.

Both of the storage cabinet’s doors are lockable individually for ease of access and practicality. Plus, the extra width of the locker means that even your larger, bulkier, or strangely shaped equipment can be safely and securely locked away.

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Heavy-duty Standard Trade Lockers

These heavy-duty lockers are similar to the model above but are particularly good for storing expensive equipment and assets. Designed for mine sites, you can bet your bottom dollar that these lockers are heavy-duty enough to stand up to any environment.

Built to last a lifetime, there’s no need to worry about having to replace your TradeLockers every few years. Whether you choose to store expensive pieces of machinery or your personal items, you can always rest assured that everything you need will be right where you left them, whenever you need them.

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Single Door TradeLocker

The Single Door TradeLocker is an excellent choice when you need the best of both worlds: secure storage that’s lockable and safe without taking up too much space in your workshop, on your factory floor or elsewhere on site.

This compact storage cabinet still offers plenty of space for keeping tools or materials safe, with three distinct shelves and drawers.

For more details regarding the dimensions and features of the Single Door TradeLocker, click here.

Heavy Duty Ezi View Lockers

One of the understandable concerns some of our customers have is not being able to view the contents being stored inside their metal storage locker or cabinet. That’s where the Heavy-duty Ezi View Lockers come in.

Aptly named, these heavy-duty lockers allow you to see through the transparent double doors, so even when everything is secured and locked away you can identify what’s inside. Manufactured from high-quality steel and fitted with rubber seals and heavy-duty locking systems for uncompromised security, this incredibly robust storage solution ensures that absolutely nothing will get inside.

To view the Heavy-duty Ezi View Lockers yourself, click here.

Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets

When it comes to dangerous and flammable goods, there’s simply no room for subpar storage solutions. The Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet from Tradesales is 100% compliant with Australian industry standards.

Features such as double-walled thermal barriers, built-in flash arrester and vent openings, and polyethylene spill collection trays ensure that you and your workers can rest easy at night and get on with your work during the day knowing everything is safely stored away.

Key lockable and further customisable with easy shelf removal and adjustable levelling, this hardy storage locker is perfect for storing any number of dangerous goods.

To find out more about the safety features, compliance standards or view the cabinet itself, click here. 

Additional Secure Storage for Dangerous Goods

Flammable liquid isn’t the only type of dangerous good our product line caters for. Our additional options for secure storage include:

Both of these safe storage solutions meet and exceed Australian standards and offer similar safety features to the Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets.

If your dangerous goods do not fall into one of the above categories, make sure to reach out to our customer service team for tailored storage advice.

Find the Right Storage Solution for You with Tradesales

Whether you know exactly which of the above secure storage options is right for your needs, or you’d like to receive personalised advice regarding the right storage cabinet and lockers for your particular application, reach out to the Tradesales team today.