The Heavy Duty Site Box Solution


Our client’s iron ore mining operations depend on work orders and their shipments being sent to site safely, quickly, and efficiently. But their sites in the Pilbara were having a problem.

Materials and parts were leaving the warehouse on unfit-for-purpose wooden pallets and pallet cages. When they arrived at the drop points onsite, they were exposed to rain, wind, and the extreme heat and dust that characterises the Pilbara.

These conditions, and onsite theft, were causing loss and damage to items and leaving work orders with missing parts. This was costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in machine downtime, inflated labour costs and re-ordering parts.


We were tasked by our client to design a drop point cage/box that would increase the safety and security of their valuable items.  The solution we came up with was our heavy-duty steel site boxes. Our design is forklift and pallet racking friendly; weatherproof with dust sealing; has a robust locking system; and variable colours and labelling for identification.


Once implemented, our solution immediately improved the safety and security of our client’s valuable items.  Since then our heavy duty site boxes (HDSB) have become an integral part of the logistics flow onsite. The company has benefited with a dramatic increase in savings with reduced damaged parts, increased labour efficiency and better ‘delivery in full, on time’ management.

The HDSB series is not only still in use by the original client we designed it for, but has been adopted across a large suite of mining companies & contractors, logistics hubs, and in the defence industry.