Storage Bins, Panels & Hooks

Stack and Nest Crates

Item code: TPT

Durable plastic containers that will stack when full and nest when empty — perfect for storage of small parts and items.

Code Height Width Depth Capacity Add to quote
TPT15397 mm645 mm413 mm68 L
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TPT10276 mm645 mm413 mm52 L
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TPT7200 mm645 mm413 mm32 L
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TPT4127 mm430 mm323 mm13.5 L
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TPT4D210 mm430 mm323 mm22 L
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  • Made from tough, durable polypropylene
  • Stacking and nesting ability
  • Excellent for conveyors
  • Lids available for all sizes

Additional information


127 mm, 210 mm, 200 mm, 276 mm, 397 mm


430 mm, 645 mm


323 mm, 413 mm


13.5 L, 22 L, 32 L, 52 L, 68 L