Hazardous Storage Containers

Double Sided Gas Cylinder Storage- Large

Item code: GC06D

Double sided access gas cylinder store to hold high pressure industrial gas cylinders. Fully compliant with the AS/NZS 1596 and AS4332 standards.


  • Each cylinder individually restrained
  • Fold down ramp and forklift channels
  • Crane lifting bar
  • Security or open style options
  • Fully adjustable restraint bars to suit every cylinder size
  • Durable 2 Pack Polyurethane coating system
  • Dual sided feature prevents cylinders becoming inaccessible
  • Additional dividers are optional


D Size (Industrial Cylinders)12
E Size (Industrial Cylinders)10
G Size (Industrial Cylinders)8
G Size (Acetlyene Cylinders)6
T Size (LPG Cylinders)6
S Size (LPG Cylinders)6