4 x IBC Lubestation lubricant dispensing unit with hose reels

LUBESTATION® containers are built for fast, easy and contamination-free lubrication storage and dispensary on remote work-sites.

Improve the lifespan and performance of equipment and machinery and ensure the success of industrial operations.

LUBESTATION® Advantages:
  • Durable, adaptable, and relocatable
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Forklift access doors for easy loading/unloading
  • More efficient and cost-effective than permanent structures
  • Maximises available space and storage capacity
  • Minimal on-site preparation required
  • Meets and exceeds the AS1940 standard
  • Filtered and contamination-free lubrication
  • Reduces spills, product wastage, and safety hazards

Custom-engineered to your exact requirements and supplied ready for use.

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  • 4 x IBC Lubestation lubricant dispensing unit with hose reels
  • Fully fitted out with high-quality piston pumps
  • Each pump can be set up to dispense engine, transmission, hydraulic or waste oil, coolant or grease
  • All pumps include Donaldson filter, air filter regulator & lubricator combination kits and thermal relief kits
  • Fitted with Donaldson 15-micron inline filters for maximum ISO spec filtration
  • Each pump is plumbed to a high-quality spring rewind hose reel and includes dispensing hand pieces
  • All hand pieces are in a separate hatch for easy access
  • High-quality painted finish
  • Full internal & external respray in silver grey
  • Custom colour and stickering available on request

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