Wooden Pallet Collars

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Industrial Pallet Collars Available Australia-Wide

Tradesales have a range of high-quality wooden pallet collars available for immediate delivery Australia-wide. TradeCollar is a wooden pallet collar that provides an efficient way of transforming your wooden pallets into useable shipping boxes. Our pallet collars are strong and durable, with four metal hinges that lock the pallet collar into position. They are also lightweight and easy to handle, folding up when not in use.

Wooden pallet collars are great for items that are bulky, compact or fragile can often be problematic when it comes to storing them or manoeuvring. Pallet collars are reusable, making them an economical storage solution for warehouse use. They are easily assembled and stacked securely on top of each other to create your own storage unit in your desired size.

Our pallet collars can be printed with your company name and logo for branding purposes, to ensure they don’t get misplaced.

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Pallet collars are the perfect solution for efficiently transporting warehouse goods. Contact our team today for more information on our range of wooden pallet collars in Australia by calling 1800 999 521.