Pallet Racking Systems

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Pallet Racking in Perth & Australia-Wide (Warehouse Racking)

Our extremely versatile pallet racking systems on offer at Tradesales are available for purchase in Perth and Australia-wide and are made in a wide range of sizes and loading capacities. The pallet racking systems we sell have been designed, tested, and engineered in Australia and are made to comply with Australian Standards AS4080 2012.

Only the highest grades of steel are used in the production of our warehouse racking. We understand what is at stake should these pallet racking systems fail, which is why we take these measures to ensure their integrity.

Types of Pallet Racking Systems

Pallet racking systems are perfect for maximising flexibility and versatility in commercial spaces. We offer a variety of stable and efficient pallet racking systems to suit different needs. The drive-in pallet racking is ideal for industrial warehouse use and allows you to maximise on compact storage areas. Selective pallet racking systems are both adjustable and economical to best utilise valuable air space.

You can allow your warehouse racking storage solutions to go further with double deep pallet racking, increasing storage capacity by up to 30% making it an excellent cost-saving alternative when each product line has several pallets.

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No matter where you are located in Australia, from Perth to Melbourne, contact us today for more about our range of pallet racking systems and how they can be customised to your specific needs.