Cages & Boxes

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The Tradesales Australian Made lifting boxes and cages are designed and fabricated to ensure safe lifting of worksite materials and increase efficiency in the workplace.

Safely transport and store loose or palletised goods, by placing them in a Tradesales Certified Lifting Box or Cage before using a forklift or crane depending on the workplace safety requirement.

Forklift pockets come as standard allowing for manoeuvrability whilst a range of products also includes lifting lugs for crane transport.

We also have a liftable site box with shelves inside and an external locking bar on two double doors, made specifically for the mining industry.

The Tradesales team are available to consult with you on your workplace requirements and ensure you find the solution that fits the site’s needs. Our team will be able to provide information on a suite of products that will be cost-effective and increase your workplace efficiency.

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