Heavy Duty Transport Cage that fit two pallets waiting for logistic client to pick them up

Transport cages increase capacity for logistics customer

Mining and natural resources companies in Australia demand the most reliable partners for transportation, warehousing and onsite services. A part not reaching the site on time for a major shutdown could cause unforeseen productivity losses and disruptions.

That means that any efficiency gains in transport – no matter how marginal – are welcomed by all stakeholders.

To that end, Tradesales was recently approached by a logistics company in Perth to design a custom transport cage.

“The cages have been designed to improve the company’s deliveries to mine sites of one of their major mining customers,” said National Sales Manager Jay McEwen.

“They are stackable and custom designed to fit two Australian-sized timber pallets. They can fit two high above and below in a mezzanine trailer, doubling the capacity of each trailer.”

“This is the second delivery the second delivery of these cages. After a successful trial, the company’s client approved these cages to be rolled out across all applicable deliveries.”

The transport cages (product number HDTC006) are especially effective for transporting low-lying items such as GET, mobile equipment parts and awkward items that can’t be stacked.

The cages are:

  • An effective solution for increasing the capacity of the customer’s trucks heading up to the site or across the country.
  • Save on fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Better for the environment and the bottom line.

Heavy Duty Transport Cage that's SWL 1200kg“The 112 cages have been painted in a custom colour that the customer ordered, and each cage comes with a certification plate featuring the SWL, meaning that they are fully certified,” said Jay.

“On of this, the cages also come with large metal ID plates on each end with asset numbers for easy tracking and identification.”

“Both long sides are removable, and the cages are designed to be used with or without the long sides.”

Each pallet cage can be collapsed and assembled quickly for transport or storage. This means they save space when not in use and are transported efficiently to a new job or work site. The pallet cage can be moved by a forklift or pallet trolley and stacked high for even more storage capacity.

The cages can be collapsed and assembled quickly with two-way forklift access and pallet truck entry, with a positive locking system which makes them suitable for pallet racking.

The HDTC006 was designed in collaboration with the customer by Tradesales’ extensive engineering team, and the cages were manufactured to the highest quality ISO:9001 certified standards.

For more information on standard or custom-designed transport cages, contact the Tradesales team today.